Anti stress Santa stressball Ø 68 mm 9595

Anti stress Santa stressball Ø 68 mm

Round anti-stress ball in the form of a Santa Claus. This anti-stress Santa stress ball is a fun gadget to enjoy a Christmas package, but can also be used excellently as a promotional article or Christmas gift.
Product number: 9595
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Anti stress Santa stressball Ø 68 mm is sold out.
Larger numbers of this anti stress santa stressball ø 68 mm can still be ordered custom made. Ask for the possibilities or view alternatives in the category round stress balls.
Good service, good clear fast communication and fast delivery according to agreement. Nice stress ball!
Everything neatly delivered and well kept informed of the delivery. Be very enthusiastically received by my customers.
Very satisfied. Beautiful product, fast delivery, good price.
Nice article and delivered quickly. Will certainly deliver nice reactions.
Very nice responses received during the distribution on our Christmas drink. My colleagues will certainly enter the new year without stress. :-) Nice days!
Very short. Super fast delivery. With this fun Santa Claus ball, my customers can enjoy a stress free Christmas.
1 point less stress by the super fast delivery. My clients were very happy with this fun stress ball that was used for multiple purposes. Definitely worth to give away !!
This gift is for my clients greatly appreciated! This Santa Claus stress ball is both fun and Christmas decorations, but also good to help the hands complaints improve or respond to you if you've arrived in stressful situations! In short; super fun year-end little gift !!
Nice anti-stress balls! this provides my clients establish a stress-free Christmas! Ordering and delivery went well and quickly, everything was super! Nice Christmas present for customers of a small independent like me.
This was a good purchase. Both our students and the family found it great balls. We have all a very merry Christmas stressless wished.
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